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Mob Studios has grown from a NFT project that has continued to evolve over 2 years, and is a business that has multiple (and increasing) revenue streams including but not limited to:

  • Design studio (since October 2022 we have created over 70k+ NFTs for clients, over 20 client projects, won awards for best NFT artwork, provide branding, marketing and numerous design services)
  • Crypto-friendly ecommerce, dropshipping, and apparel/merchandise customisation. We work with some of the best suppliers of apparel in the world to customise merchandise and apparel for clients, either at our facility in Toronto, or with partners in Europe, and then dispatch these products to their ultimate customers. We can allow payments in Solana, USDC, SPL tokens, token/NFT-gate items and sections of websites to make exclusive access.
  • We are building new models to allow brands to work with us to integrate their brand into our NFT collection through our innovative 'burn and mint' process (the most complex mint process built on the Solana blockchain).
  • We are also developing win-win-win solutions whereby clients such as businesses (Web2, brands or Web3) can book revenue from our offering at close to no upfront cost (ultimately improving their ROI on marketing spend), the customers win by virtue of getting items at a discount and also allowed the ability to spend their crypto with such brands, and Mob Studios benefits by acting as intermediary connecting the parties and helping grow the ecosystem
  • We also arrange a lot of events and meet-ups collaborating with other businesses, including the largest Solana NFT event at NFT NYC (over 500 attendees), as well as the first NFT product launch event in the UK. We are building solid relationships with key players across both the Web3 ecosystem, as well as the traditional Web 2 space too.



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MOB Studios 2023
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