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Crawling up from the sewers and charging through the woods, the Infected had arrived, no longer able to resist the unquenchable desire to propagate their disease into the masses. The streets were mayhem. Horrific sounds of the slaughter echoed against the skyscrapers. Frenzied in their bloodrush, the monstrosities devoured the human corpses on their path, feasting on their flesh with insatiable hunger. In the crowd, lone survivors of the Robot Mafia Club (RMC) desperately fought with fierce and hopeless grit. Overpowered by the numbers and ferocity of the Infected, their limbs were torn apart only to form again in new and appalling shapes adding to the ranks of the Infected Mobsters.

With guns and fire, groups of Mafiosos from the RMC together with brave robot citizens formed a perimeter around the inner part of the city. As darkness fell upon the city of Solana, they stood their ground while the screams of lost souls and molested bodies reverberated through the streets. How long would it take before they, too, succumbed to the Infection?


NFT Artwork

Great artwork is a must for a serious NFT project. Your artwork is the stratum of your online presence and reflects your project identity as a whole. Mob Studios are experts at NFT art - nothing less! Our talented pool of artists is ready to work alongside your team to brainstorm and provide industry-leading artwork. The art creation process will involve constant evaluation before we settle on a perfect match for the art direction you want to proceed with. Sneak peeks of the progress will be shared along the way, so you'll have plenty of marketing material! Our team will provide constant support and communication during the process.

Concept Art

Concept art is amazing for building hype and marketing! Concept art could include a scene, landscape, or a fictional event; you name it! Additional artwork adds visual depth to your project and amplifies the narrative you seek to build. This service is tailor-made for posters you can attach alongside announcements and social media to draw eyes onto your project. Concept art may also include teasers of a second generation of your collection or upgraded artwork.

Marketing Graphics

It's undeniable how important marketing is for a project. There are many ways to go about this but as mentioned with concept art, we can provide you with material to bring awareness to your project in social media such as Twitter. Our team can provide static artwork as well as videos that can build and elevate the hype. Including different forms of media can definitely reinforce your project’s imprint on the space.

Websites & UI/UX

Discord and Twitter serve their function perfectly, however there may be a small piece that is missing in for your project… a website! Our talented UI/UX developer can work alongside your team to build you a landing page for your NFT project. This is a great way for your project to direct fresh eyes into potentially supporting your vision. The website creation workflow will be executed by working closely alongside our UI/UX developers so that we can cater to your exact requirements!

Logos & Branding

Visual identity is important - but so is audial! A theme song is a remarkable way of emphasising a brand. Our talented team of music producers will capture the elements of your NFT project and create a distinct and recognizable track. Although, oftenly overlooked, having tracks to represent your brand is an easy way to widen your target audience.

Music & Lore

Just like music; lore is a powerful way of establishing strong character for your brand. We have talented writers that can help with serious world and narrative building to ensure your collection makes a mark in the metaverse!





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